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LG Connect Optimizer **ROOT** v1.1.3 Android Apk App

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 | 9:00 PM

LG Connect Optimizer **ROOT** v1.1.3

Requirements By Download Apk Files | Android Apps | Android Market | tandroidapkfiles.blogspot.com: 1.6+

Overview: LG Connect Optimizer! It’s time to take back performance and battery life.




-Other phones may work, but try at your own risk!

It’s time to show your LG Connect where the plug goes! :) This little phone is great but suffers from short battery life, overheating problems and a few other things. This app was made to pick up where LG left off and finish polishing it into a great phone.


Features so far:

-Improve battery life, so far the longest I’ve had with normal use is 19hours but that varies with usage. Typical is around 12-14.

-Speeds up responsiveness so that everything is pretty much instant.

-Smoother scrolling (Still not perfect, but better)

-Reduces heat when playing 3D games (helps with the overheating problem, and prolongs battery)

-Lots of tweaks and hidden menus

-faster SDCard speeds *coming in ver 1.2*

-Remove Built in Junk apps individually (you can choose)

-Not exactly an app feature, but I help users out via email in a timely manner, and I’m very active on www.androidforums.com. I understand some people may not understand exactly what root is and things like that. You can expect a response without attitude or judgement. I’m also open to feedback and actively look for new content to include in my apps.

New features coming soon!, All tweaks added only after passing 24 hour torture tests.

5/8/2012 V1.1.3

New Tweaks:

-Browser Proxy Settings

-Audio Subsystem Calibration

-Tether Settings (Wifi not working yet)

-Battery Info (temp/health/charge)

-4G Toggle/APN Settings

5/3/2012 V1.1.2

-Added a “Sweet Spot” Setting. This one is what I personally use, if I find something better i’ll keep this setting updated. That’s what presets are for after all :)

-Added support for the su command being located in /system/xbin as opposed to /system/bin. This should help some advanced users with different phone models that want to try it out, but my app had been telling them their device was not rooted.

-New app Icon, Les- thanx for doing the gfx! Credits coming soon :)

4/23/2011 V1.1.1

-Fixed cpu governor not being set

4/22/2011 V1.1

-Fixed a small start-up bug. I was trying to read a setting that didn’t exist yet :)

4/22/2011 V1.0

-The first release!, This is just like the LG Esteem Optimizer except tailored for this phone’s needs :)


Q) What is root/rooted, what does this mean?

A) Root=God as far as your phone goes. When you buy it you are not God, you are a mere mortal who can do limited things decided upon by the evil LG and MetroPCS corporations. The man!. When you root your phone, you say: Down with the man. Then you can pretty much do as you please with it. It’s pretty much a computer in case you weren’t aware.

Q) How do I root?

A) It’s pretty simple. Go to www.androidforums.com, LG Connect, All things Root. You can download some files, read explanations and talk to others. Usually all that’s required is a pc, a file from the site, the usb cable that came with it and your phone.

Q) Is it required to run your app?

A) Yes.

Q) Can I undo it if I want to return my phone?

A) You most certainly can. You can find a guide in the same section of the forum.

Q) Will it void my warranty?

A) They want you to believe yes, in reality – no. Because all you have to do is restore it to it’s original factory condition and there would be zero difference between than and a new phone, as its only software we’re making changes to.


Anytime you need to return a phone just restore it first, and remember take your sdcard out, as you don’t want anyone keeping your photos or other data. Some people forget and your card could end up with an employee or one of their customers.

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